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May 21, 2015
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What do you use for identifying new businesses and other organizations, such as non-profits, in your locale? And, do you have a reporting process such as a listing of all new businesses of X type within the last month, etc... Then a streamlined evaluation system with info packet, such as a quick citations audit, you'd send relevant prospects?

Searching around there is Sales Genie which is part of Infogroup and it appears to produce a list of businesses by locale, such as county. (Of course there is a monthly fee attached to it) There is also the local newspaper but that is a manual process. Wasn't sure if there is another tool for such use.

I am not currently using this for prospecting. (Most of my clients are by WOM which provides enough business) Rather a client who helps run a chamber asked me about how to do this. For prospecting, this would seem a little like cold calling. On the other hand, I am sure someone has refined a process of vetting and then approaching new businesses in this manner.

Note, I did search the forum for above 20 minutes and didn't find this topic. Although I would assume it has been talked about before. For some reason, I keep thinking I know the answer to this and have just forgotten it!

I would just use Google with search operators.

Such as: site: .org city non-profit

Doing that I just found Might be a good resource
My Secretary of State's website lists new incorporations in a CSV file. Many states do this as well. Check with your state's official offices.
Infogroup (or some other leads for rent source) would be the easiest. To my knowledge though, you're not paying a monthly fee, you're paying for the list each time you mail. Prices usually change based on list criteria and size. If you're talking with someone that's considering testing that as an ongoing lead source, they're better off at least starting by renting a list instead of putting one together from scratch. Better to spend a little extra money and save a few hours at first to get some initial results before exploring (potentially time intensive ways) to optimize the process. No sense optimizing something that's not already kind of working.

Plus, cold outreach can have some low conversion rates... you can't reach out to 50 cold leads one time and expect to get statistically significant results.

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