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Jul 9, 2013
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Our agency creates a separate Google account for each client and our team logs into each account to access the Google Business listing, Google Analytics, and Search Console. Over the past few weeks, my team has experienced an increase in the number of accounts that Google blocks us from accessing. This is beyond the 2FA hurdles . . . This is the extra security steps that Google makes us go through to confirm we are a real person (having a PIN code sent to our phone, or confirming the login email, etc).

This week, it's quite common for Google to send a PIN code to the login email and then Google sending a PIN code to our phone, BUT now we are getting completely locked out with error messages ranging from "someone may be trying to access your account. You cannot log in right now" to "Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you". This has been happening to different clients, located in different countries, and we can't seem to determine the root issue. Is anyone else experiencing this 'lock out' as well?

I can't find any current articles on this issue indicating an increase in security. The support document from Google on this ultimately advises to create a new Google account. We really don't want to have to do this as we'll lose access to historical analytics data, access to the Google Business listing, etc. We are trying to find alternate solutions to access these locked accounts. We have a plan to manage client accounts with one login, but it will take awhile to set that up. I appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!
- Jannell
Hi Jannell,

My first question was going to be about moving towards and organization GMB account so you can mange all your clients via a single login and assign managers on your team with ease. Sounds like you are headed in that direction?

I'm not sure this is a GMB issue. I would post your issue over at the Google Accounts forum to see if someone there can help. Someone here might have some additional thoughts as well :)

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