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Sep 5, 2016
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Hello Everyone

Wondering if anyone else had experienced this issue over the last few days

We have all come across this in our line of work , were you have a verified location it has been for a number of months or years and someone in the client organisation create another listing by mistake and comes into conflict and your original one may be marked as a duplicate so you have to request ownership of the location

Rquesting ownership proccess.JPG

However when I tried to do this on Monday and Today I keep getting this error message has anyone else experienced this? It worked fine last week when I was working on a different location in the same account

It just pushes the form back to the start and has the error at the bottom
Issue with requesting ownership.JPG

Any else had this issue?

Do we think it a bug?
Hi Colan

Thanks for finding out more info for me interested to hear what they say
@Chaddow can you send me a link to the listing? You can DM it to me if you prefer.

Hi Colan

I have just DM you the account and further details



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