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Jan 30, 2020
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I've found Google to be very reliable when managing 500+ locations for a franchise. However, Bing Places is a different story. They consistently tell me location or change data is "published" when it is not, and they confuse profiles with each other on their search engine and maps.

Most frustratingly, I haven't found a useful support option. When chatting with them, they ask for a spreadsheet of locations that need to be corrected, and constantly delay/pushback changes.

Has anyone else had these issues and found a good way to get help and support from Bing when managing a franchise directly through their Places dashboard?
Thanks for the tag and apologies for the delay as I was on holiday. Bing is self described as an aggregator so they will sometimes overwrite your data, or take up to 14 days to publish your changes. The only improvement here i've seen is leveraging the API as they do ingest and publish the changes quicker when it's from one of their trusted data sources.

I will say with Bing Support if you just stay on top of them every 2 - 3 days they can typically solve problems. However I can't say the problems will stop happening within Bing Places :(

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