Jun 27, 2016
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If on a company website you have a business locator and therefore a page for each location.

In the description and links for that place do you link back to the Google+ page or to the listing in Google Maps or maybe Google Search?

I have been linking back to Google+. Anybody know if there is much benefit in doing so or not doing so? Especially as it seems Google+ is not getting much love.

Does anybody not link back from Google My Business to the specific location page on the website for that Google My Business?
Oct 25, 2013
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I consider best practice to be to link back to the business' Google profile in two ways.

First, with the schema tag 'hasMap'. You can find instructions here. I also like to embed a map connected with the business' listing.

You can still link to your Google+ profile of course, but make sure you link to it for the same reasons that you'd like to your instagram, twitter, or Facebook. Link if you actually use Google+ as a tool for keeping in touch with that segment of your followers. If you aren't using it, you aren't maintaining it, and your followers wouldn't be interested in following you there anyway, then don't link expecting to get some nebulous SEO benefit.

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