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Jun 28, 2012
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There have been so many important Google+ Local tips, problems and updates shared here at the Local Search Forum & around the web that get buried. I know many of you suffer from info overload, so here is the latest roundup of the most important recent posts.

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Grab the <a href=""><img title="local search news feed" alt="local search news feed" src="" align="left" hspace="4" /></a><a href="" target="_self" rel="nofollow"><strong>Local Search Forum RSS Feed</strong></a> or check out "<a href=""><strong>recent posts</strong></a>" so you don't miss anything!

<div style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size: medium;"><span style="color: #cc6633;"><strong>Google+ Local and Local SEO Tips, Tricks and News</strong></span></span></div>

<strong><a href="">Google Hack to Discover Google Local Penalties</a> </strong>
<strong>RED HOT DISCOVERY</strong> by forum member Broland. MUST READ!

<strong><a href="">Google+ Local "People Talk About" Section...where is it coming from??</a></strong>
OH, the damage that Google can do to a small business with this one.
See examples inside!

<strong><a href="">Google+ Posts in the Local Knowledge Graph Showing - How To & Examples</a> </strong>
See the screenshots and learn how!

<strong><a href="">Google Local Spam Expose by Dan Austin at Whitespark</a></strong>
Super good write up about the problem and what Google is doing about it.

<strong><a href="">Google Places Guidelines - Reading Between the Lines and Changes</a> </strong>
Pretty much a must read!

<strong><a href="">The Local Search Puzzle - Illustrated</a></strong>
Simple overview of the how the local algo works you can share with clients.

<strong><a href="">Local Ranking Blueprint - Prioritize for Success</a></strong>
Great presentation with awesome tips by Darren Shaw @SearchLove

<strong><a href="">Congrats to New Google Top Contributor - Colan Nielsen!</a></strong>
YAY team!

<strong><a href="">Hardcore Video SEO Resources with a Local Search Emphasis</a> </strong>
Previous post, but more resources added.
<a href="">Leverage Google+! Behind the Scenes of Profiles & Posts</a></strong>
The technical stuff you may not know that can help with exposure and engagement.

<strong><a href="">10 tidbits on how to bring more traffic to your G+ pages: MOZ</a></strong>
Another great post filled with G+ tips.

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