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May 28, 2020
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I saw this posted somewhere with no answers.

How do I start Local Service Ads for Multiple Locations of the same business? 0 Replies
I have a client that has a legal firm with three locations. He wants to start the screening process for all locations. Can he do that from one account or does he need to set up multiple accounts, one for each location?

Is each GMB account with multiple locations, limited to one local services Ad?
If so are you allowed to create a seperate GMB account for each location since proximity seems to be a rank factor?
You have to create 3 different Google accounts and sign up for LSA separately under each of them (1 per location).
So is there an easy way to transfer the business to a new GMB management account? Will this require the business to be verified again and is there a risk for a short term suspension during the transition?
Suspensions are something related to Google My Business so I don't think setting up an LSA account would have any impact on the GMB listing.

It's not easy or streamlined at all so I would suggest just starting with 1 location and see how much activity you get before bothering to set up the other offices. You might not need it.
You have to create 3 different Google accounts and sign up for LSA separately under each of them (1 per location).
Google did allow me to select service services areas/cities outside my client's business location. When I cranked these smaller cities through the cost estimator for LSA I get a much better rate. My lawyer client got such an outrageous charge for one call in his major metro area that he does not want to continue in his location. Google did not stop me from selecting several proximate areas. On the other hand, just for a test, I selected a city clear across the country and Google added it to my service areas without objection. Unlike adwords, I find no tool where I could see if in fact the ad would show for these more remote service areas.

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