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Oct 9, 2019
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Background: I have a client with 5 different locations in the same state each with their own location page. I'd also like to add that each of their GMB profiles point to each location page as well.

The Issue:
I want to add LocalBusiness Schema, more specifically MovingCompany schema for each location on each location page. To differentiate the different locations would I use the "@id": [insert URL of that location page here] to help Google differentiate that these are each a different location?


Is there a different way to approach LocalBusiness schema for multi-location businesses?
All you will need to do as the schema on each page for that specific location. You don't need to add anything special or fancy for Google.
Lizzie - definitely you can put the individual location schema on the different location pages. There is a different way to do it as well - it's not wrong - and remember it's a semantic web - you're making these connections with your on page content and schema. So make the connection in a way that Google understands - whether it's on ind location pages or as below.

You can put multi-location schema on the homepage which is what a lot of agencies do. I think because it means multiple locations covered in one instance (all the schema on the home page with multiple locations) instead of having to keep up with 10, 25, 50, 100's of pages. For large agencies it's a way to manage resources - humans and time.

I expect that we're going to see more schema on more sites moving forward. So the algo is basically applied tie breakers. If you have more and better schema than you competitors that could be the tiebreaker - but general schema alone is not going to improve ranking. Make sure to take a look at to get more ideas.

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