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Mar 8, 2013
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This may have been covered but I couldn't find the thread...

I just noticed that one of my logins with multiple GMB accounts has changed the navbar from Add Location and Manage Locations to Add Businesses and Manage Businesses. I wonder if this is a global terminology change that is rolling out gradually, or if there's a pattern to when it appears and when it doesn't. At first I thought Locations appeared where only one actual business was in the account, but when I tested that didn't seem to be the case.

If anyone knows the answer, lmk. Otherwise, it could just be Google gaslighting again.

left side navbar, Manage Locations.png

left side navbar, Manage Businesses.png
I think it is nomenclature change to reinforce the evolving brand multi location use of GMB

GMB, with the roll out of in line search editing for SMB, is slated to become the multi location interface with brand specific features.

i think we are likely to see more interface and feature changes to reinforce this evolution.

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