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Feb 7, 2013
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Since our clients didn't face the automatic closure of GMB listings by Google that various businesses did when stay-at-home orders started going into place, I didn't get to see firsthand the behavior in the GMB dashboard. Is that when Google started including the words "from Google" in the verbiage users see in the GMB dashboard when it's marked as closed by an external source? I hadn't seen those two words included until today, so wasn't sure how long it had been around.

To be clear, several of our clients' closed listings have this verbiage right now, and I'm not saying they were automatically marked as closed. I just figured maybe it was a reaction to lots of listings being marked as closed due to the pandemic. Either way, nice to see helpful updates that make things more clear for users :)

Did it show in the search results @freerunr ? Also were you able to remove it? We had some similar situations here with so many changes and different verticals having different rules. Interested to see what actions you took to get it removed.
@andrewthorn Looking at several examples, the listings are still visible in Google search (the ones I checked are marked as "Permanently closed"). I haven't looked at all of our customer examples, but many appear to have been accurately marked as closed (we manage a lot of locations).

As for a resolution, usually there is an option to re-open a listing in the dashboard. In one example, there's a banner at the top that allows the listing to be re-opened.


So sharing this wasn't as much about it being an issue as it was just curiosity about the verbiage in the dashboard.

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