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Sep 27, 2012
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For months, I've been trying to remove a duplicate listing. The business moved locations, the business name and number remained the same. The company does not have the login information for the old account so there is no way to access the old listing in the dashboard.

I've tried marking the business as closed, send an address update via the report a problem link and even provided the link and listing ID of the current, correct listing. Only recently, I received a message from Google thanking me for pointing out the mistake. This was at least 3 weeks ago and the dupe listing is still there. It appears the turnaround time for the problem to get fixed is somewhat lengthy.

Would I be creating more of an issue if I continue to report this old listing as closed? It has caused a great deal of headache as the primary listing is barely showing up for very specific searches.
Hi Luke,

Due to problems caused when someone maliciously closes a business that should not be, it can take several levels of approval.

View the listing history in Map Maker. Can you see a pending edit?

If so I'd post in the Map Maker forum, in the section for edits and ask for some mappers to approve your edit. (Read the rules of that forum and do the subject right. If I remember right you need to include city.)

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