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Dec 25, 2012
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Wanted to see what everyone thought, it is commonly agreed that microformats are good for NAP, how about using them within content? Should I markup my business name and location anytime they come up within the copy of a site, or is this redundant?
Re: micro format markeup in copy

Using microdata such as Schema markups on a site is not considered spam, so it doesn't hurt to use it often throughout the site. So if your address appears in the footer of every page of your site, go ahead and use Schema to mark it up.
Re: micro format markeup in copy

My original thought when i wrote the post was to use microdata in a way similar to what webmaster highlighter accomplishes, however the more I look into it, the only formats that seem like they would work are for events. I don't think using an event markup for a SAB page would be best practice. I think I am going to just have to wait until more schema's are excepted.

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