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Aug 7, 2013
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Moz has released the 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors Study and it's looking like they were able to study more data points than any other year.

Some key findings include:
  • There are lower correlations between on-page Keyword use and ranking
  • HTTPS has a “Very low positive correlation”
  • Links to a given website are still powerful
  • TLD’s don’t really factor into ranking
  • Low Bounce Rates, more pageviews and increased time-on-site played a role in higher rankings.

Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015

Moz's 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors presents survey data from over 150 marketing professionals specializing in Search Engine Optimization. Their answers provide insight into the inner workings of the search marketing both now and in the future. The following data represents the opinions of our respondents of the various weighting of factors thought to be used (or not used) in Google's search algorithm.

Thanks to all the Pro's that contributed this year!

What do you think???
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Man, you are so good. I was just compiling a post of my own. Thanks for sharing Justin (aka Scoop Master).
Yep Justin is Scoop Doggy Dog!

Thanks for posting Justin. Can't wait to dig in tonight after I get back.

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