Apr 16, 2018
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Hi all! I'm working with a pest control company that services multiple states. Right now, we have one GMB profile for each state serviced (seven in total). My question is this — are there more advantages than disadvantages to having profiles for each branch we have in each location?

More details. Each branch DOES have a brick and mortar location and independent phone number that we can use. As we expand our service areas in each of these locations, it becomes harder to rank well in local pack for those cities further away from our set address. For example, we service the Denver area, but have a branch as far away as Fort Collins, so our rankings in Fort Collins are practically non-existent.

One of our hesitations with adding more addresses though is that we have A LOT of organic reviews (don't worry, mostly positive :)) on each profile that we are managing. Any advice? Would it be worth it to set up more profiles for those locations? Just to give an idea, we'd be going from the seven profiles we have now up to fifteen.


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Jul 18, 2012
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Provided you have an actual location that does in-person contact with customers, I'd suggest setting up listings for the individual offices.

I'd be sure to add photos showing the storefronts with clear signs and also make sure they are listed clearly on your website.
Jan 10, 2017
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Yes, I would create profiles for each location and for future locations too. But make sure that once the new profiles are created, you solicit reviews from customers of those locations. Work something out with the team in each location to gather some feedback so that you can rank in the map packs there.
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