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Dec 1, 2013
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I am wondering how to work this new client I am going to be starting with in a week or two.

I would like to know the best way to local seo this company.

This company has 35 locations. in parts of 4 different states.

Do I create a local page for each of their locations, build citations for each location. Basically do I do a directory submission for each separate location?

(I'm thinking yes but would like some feedback first)

I have a pretty good grasp of local seo and getting a business to rank high but never worked with a business with 35 locations before.

Any feedback will be appreciated.
Re: Multiple locations and local seo???

Yes, individual pages for each location and citations for each location.

Here's a couple articles I read about multi location businesses recently: Designing Business Location Website Pages, Part 2: Multiple Location Business - Local University

The Significance of Separate Landing Pages for Multi-Location Organizations

16 Ways to Create Unique

Thirty Five Locations! Great Job. That will be a huge undertaking, I hope that are paying you well.

What kind of business is it?
Re: Multiple locations and local seo???

@Tyson Downs

The company is a auto glass replacement company.

And yes it is going to be a big job and resources.

Thank you for responding so soon. I appreciate it.


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