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Feb 5, 2013
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NAP Consistency between on-page content and offline citations is a given. I am curious what people suggest for service area businesses should do in regards to onsite content for local SEO, to maintain NAP consistency when the most you might want to reveal is a Cell Phone Number and PO Box to mail payments to. Does the City and Zip code for the PO Box have the same effect as an actual address for a normal business?

Consider for example, with free nationwide calling for cell phones, contracts, and people moving, it is entirely possible that you may have a cell phone or Google Voice number with a completely different area code than your service area. Would there be a case for changing the phone number, just to get a local area code?
Hi Daniel,

I think you posted in the correct spot the first time. Since this is an issue that affects SAB's I moved this post back to the SAB section of the forum.

I will remove the other post that you have requested be deleted.

Thanks Colan,
I was under the impression that/this section was only for SAB Google+ issues when I thought I was asking a broader question, which is why I got confused. Thank you so much for your time and attention though. I appreciate it!

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