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Aug 8, 2012
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Greetings all!

One of my clients just opened an satellite office a few miles from his existing office. Let's just call them the main office and the satellite office. So we're talking about a different physical address, same business name, same URL . . . and same phone number. At the moment, the client is forwarding calls from the satellite office to the main office out of convenience, and may be reluctant to change that arrangement.

What's your opinion? From a NAP perspective, must the satellite office have a unique, different phone number? Will using the same number for both offices adversely affect rankings because the data is so similar and potentially confusing? I'm thinking the satellite office really needs a separate phone number, but I'd like to get opinions. Thanks!
The new office will most likely get filtered from showing in the local results if they are in the same city.
Thanks Joy, I appreciate your take on this! Yes, filtering is exactly my concern as well. I should have made clear both offices are indeed in the same city. I'll advocate for a separate phone number.

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