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Dec 8, 2019
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I hoping ya'll can help, I want to know how a business was able to change all their details to fake ones and then create a new clean listing without any negative reviews?

For example, Emergency Media Pty Ltd has changed their listing name to Milly's Dog Gooming and all their other details and somehow created a new listing with no reviews. All their old negative reviews are now hidden behind Milly's Dog Gooming:

And they are now using a clean listing: Emergency Media Pty Ltd

Anyone know how they were able to do this and will it last?

Is this a new exploit or old one that has always been possible?
I believe Google will start over when there is a full rebranding. Not sure if it requires a change of ownership or not.
Sounds like a situation where you might want to file a redressal form.
It's hard to say what Google will do here. If it is really a rebrand, they will likely just leave it. Unfortunately, I've seen lots of businesses change company names to help get rid of the impact of their negative reviews.
It is most certainly not a rebrand. I called their office and confirmed that the business has not changed. I tried to call the new details but the number was convieniently disconnected. It appears they have found a nice little exploit. Hopefully google has a measure in place to correct this.
Both listings link to the same website, however they are both unclaimed listings. There is a good chance if you suggest an edit to the Emergency Media Pty Ltd listing as 'doesn't exist' that it will be taken down. Also, as Tim has suggested, if you report via the redressal form Google might fix the issue for you, but that will take a few weeks at the minimum.
Thanks for all your replies. Now the business name has changed to OneNess and the all details like address, phone have reverted back to the original details that belong to Emergency Media Pty Ltd. These guys seem pretty desperate to hide from from those reviews.

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