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Jun 24, 2014
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Wondering if anyone has any ideas why one of our clients is not showing up on Map listings.

Mcintyre Masonry Ltd | Stonemasons in Scotland

His main business location is

in West lothian. If do search for stonemasons west lothian, he not showing up on maps at all, but showing number 1 organic listing

his other location is

in Edinburgh is the one we tried to push a bit more as more work in this area. Again not showing at all in map results but sitting around 6-8th in organic on page 1.

We have done separate landing pages for the different areas. We have added schema to website. We have done citations for both addresses. Just cant work out whats going on?

Any help would be great
Here's what I was able to find... someone else will probably have to chime in though, I'm not sure.

The profile is inside west lothian city limits, there aren't any pending edits, address resolution issues, or anything else strange in either map maker profile. I couldn't find any duplicates, and the categories for the locations are similar to the competition that's ranking at the top (none of them have the Stone Supplier, but I don't know that having the 3 categories McIntyre does would be a problem).

What's more, 'stone masonry west lothian' pulls McIntyre up second in the 3 pack, though OP is right, they're not showing at all even on second page in maps for 'stonemasons west lothian'. I'm a little at a loss.

The one thing I see that's definitely not what I'd do... you said you built landing pages for each location, but it looks like both profiles just link to the home page of the website, and both business NAPs are displayed in text and schema on the home page. I don't know if that's enough to cause this kind of confusion for Google though.

Anyone have any thoughts?
Thanks for your reply.

So the separate Google business page, you would like to the specific landing page created instead of homepage?

Would you remove both schema from the footer, or just keep main west lothian schema, and add the Edinburgh schema to Edinburgh landing page? West lothian is their main office.
That's the best practices I always use at least. I never have schema/NAP info for multiple locations on any one page. It used to be a bigger issue back when duplicates were a bigger problem for Google I think, but it's still a good practice to keep them separate. If you were a client, I'd recommend putting the NAP and schema for the home office everywhere, except for the landing page + ancillary pages for the second location. For example, I'd make a primary west Lothian location landing page, and you might link to the west lothian related projects from that page, and have the schema and NAP for the west lothian locations on all those related pages instead of the main branch NAP. This is a good opportunity too to to see if there are any west Lothian related keywords you'd like to rank for that don't have a 3 pack show up at all. Making an organic page or two to rank can be a good way to increase exposure a little. Think too about directory structure ( I'd keep the main branch GMB profile pointing to the home page though, usually the home page has a little more oomph behind it.

Like I said though, I don't know if this problem is enough to create what we're seeing here. I'd suggest making it happen if you have a web guy you trust and there's room in the budget for it, but I definitely don't know if that'd fix this by itself, maybe someone else here will see something I don't.
Yes, that's what I'd do... though I'd also take some time to clean up other directories to have them link to the landing page as well. The trust Google has in the page you're linking to from the GMB profile is important too, not just the domain it's on... so you'll want to build some backlinks to that page to make sure your rankings stay strong (and build).

It also looks like on the site itself, the way you're linking to that landing page seems a little misleading. It's in the middle of a 'projects in' list, and most of those pages are in cities where you don't have a location. I'd consider either changing that landing page to make it more about the facility you have in west Lothian (staff, location, directions, contact information) or I'd make a separate page entirely, and link it in more appropriate ways (link text is important too. McIntyre Masonry in West Lothian maybe) I'd clean up your 'contact us' page too... that page is a really important page in the site, and I wouldn't mix facilities there either. There's a couple different options for what to do there... you could make 'contact us' a drop down, and have two options in the main nav. You have information on both facilities on the contact us page, and have links to go to sub pages where the actual NAP info and maps are displayed, or you could have the main facility be what's on the contact us page, and a prominent link that sends a user to another page with the secondary location's NAP info. While I'm here too, you can embed your maps different to actually get the business review stars and such showing, instructions are here:

There's a bunch more that could be said about multi location on-page optimization, but... there's something at least.
Hi James hope your keeping well.

I have been working on some updates on the website, so far I have:

1. Taken out the site wide schema in the footer which showed both addresses before.

2. On the homepage, west lothian page and contact page, Ive now added just the main office schema.

3. On the contact page I removed the Edinburgh information and just kept head office.

4. On Edinburgh page, Ive added just the Edinburgh schema and telephone number along with adding in a map.

5. Changed the Edinburgh Google business listing to link to the Edinburgh page instead of homepage.

If you get chance to check these changes over would be great and anything I've missed.

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