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May 10, 2024
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In the past, Google deleted a review that violated their policies. However, the user reposted the review five days ago. Is that possible? The review is from a account and contains content that was removed years ago. Google sent an email confirming that the review was successfully deleted many years ago, yet the response shows it was posted four years ago and also indicates it was reposted five days ago. I reported this to support, but they didn't seem to acknowledge it.

Also a few others have been reposted as well that were removed before I posted responses to the reviews.

below are the links to the reviews that keep having "updates" or the person says they are "reposting" since they got taken down

ANy help is apprecieated as I know google can only do but so much and probably wont outright delete their account out of fairness.

Thank you all as always for any help you graciously give!
Have you reported the review using this tool? I recommend using this tool to report these reviews and later check the status of reviews that you've already escalated. This is the fastest and more efficient way to flag reviews you believe are fraudulent or against Google's guidelines. If they do not remove it, you can appeal that decision in the tool and mention how this review has been removed before, and supply evidence at that time.
yes, i will move on at this point as it goes unanswered. I will get help from an external google product expert at this point. Thanks as always Elizabeth!

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