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Oct 15, 2016
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Any insights why Google is giving this an extra line in the SERP. Shows for desktop and mobile.

The page has no schema or anything that I can see that makes it special. Basic terribly optimized government site tbh.

Good find, @Yan Gilbert. I haven't seen anything like that, either, and I'm also stumped as to why Google has extracted that info for that particular result. It's not even a sitelink.

Fun fact: when I pull up that page, Google shows me only the phone number under that search result, and not the fax number.
Nothing shows when I search for it. (Being in Bulgaria has its downsides, I guess.)
I can't get it to show now with various searches. The center is closed before 9:00 am, maybe that has an impact. Will check later today.
@Yan Gilbert - Maybe it's a fleeting Google experiment or a glitch?

I just saw something similar today: email in a GMB knowledge panel.

I've never seen that before. (Maybe I should be paying closer attention?)

Plus, only a specific search-- a variation of the business name --brings it up. Most search terms I tried did not. That makes me think it is a glitch more than an experiment.

The small letters after the email address are a clickable link to the website's "Location and Hours" page. The email address itself is not clickable. Again, that hints at a glitch to me.

I know this isn't the same as what you're seeing but they strike me as similar. So, I'm not providing any answers, just sharing, FWIW.
Yeah, odd. I can't bring up the phone number result at all. I don't have a complete screenshot, but the order results changed from the previous results (always used incognito) as well so minor algo adjustment could have wiped it.

Not seeing the email in that listing @Stefan Somborac either. Will be on the lookout for that sort of thing though now that you have pointed it out.
@Yan Gilbert - Typical searches such as "mississippi veterinary services" don't bring up the email. The only search that did is "mississippi veterinary". See if that does it for you...
yes, see it now, but only for that search. Had to set my location closer so that the kp came up alone.

Interesting the internal page that it links to.

Also, clicking on the word 'email' brought up a search result that shows this.


All kinds of weird with this one.

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