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Aug 14, 2012
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Anyone else seeing Google Places profile images gone?

Last night images that were not there before were showing and today, they are all missing.

Big question... will Google remove images from Places listings or is this temporary? Thoughts?

My testing was done Sept. 31 Noon PST
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So you are saying last night Google CHANGED images on you?
And today they are totally gone?

I am not seeing missing images on listings I check and have not seen related reports in the forum.

But if this is for the client I've been doing consulting with you on, I would suspect a possible merged dupe or hidden merged dupe is changing the listing. So that's my 1st guess. My 2nd guess would be just a temporary bug.
Yes Linda, it is in relation to that client, but what I'm seeing is that every local places listing is missing the profile pic right now. I'm using Google Adwords Diagnosis and Preview Tool to view the results, but you should be able to do a search and get the same places results.

The natural rankings do have the profile pic. It's on the Places/Local that don't.

I'm going to monitor all day. I'll update later.
Ahhh when you said "Google Places profile images" I thought you meant the main image right on the Place page.

Now I think you are saying the profile pic in the SERPS. Thanks and I'll check it out.
Right, the Places listing in the search results. The profile pics are missing on everyone I'm searching on at the moment.
Oh YEA for small favors and short lived Google glitches! :p

Now if only categories would come back! :mad:

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