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Oct 20, 2016
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I recently had a SAB client tell me that an expert told them that they get a lot of success with virtual offices (not the Regus office type, meaning mailboxes) and that you can still get a pin easily using a PO box.

Now, I haven't been in the industry as long as the expert, but this sounds 1) completely against best practice, planting spammy listings essentially? and 2) I thought Google had pretty stringent filters not even allowing postcards to be sent to PO boxes? and 3) that bots and algo would detect and suspend these listings easily?

I did some double checking to make sure that was really the recommendation (which it was) so I wanted to check with you all to see if you can think of any reason other than using black hat to get results, that this would be an acceptable recommendation??

Also, any reference materials and links to why this would be a bad idea that I could share with the client to support your expert thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!
Google is getting *better* at detecting these and suspending them automatically. Users, however, are even better at detecting it so they're really who you should be afraid of. Someone just needs to report the listing and it will be removed and all the reviews and ranking power you gained will be gone overnight. Spamming is not a good long-term strategy and I never recommend it.
I totally agree with Joy.

Additionally if the spam listing is in the same account as their real listing, Google often suspends the entire account, meaning they won't even have their legit listing.

Besides the PO box issue, there is another many folks don't know about. SABs can only have one listing. (Generally, unless chain or franchise.) So just trying to create a listing at a 2nd location, even if it was legit, could trip a filter as well.

Good luck LSFuel!
Thank you for your insight Joy & Linda!

@Linda, you mentioned "Unless chain or franchise" - this recommendation was given to the client that is a chain SAB. Would that explain the recommendation to do PO boxes in each market in any way?
No PO boxes are NEVER allowed. Accept in rural areas where there is absolutely no mail service to the mailing address which is pretty rare.

There are several lines you can quote the client from the GMB Guidelines.

"Use a precise, accurate address to describe your business location. PO Boxes or mailboxes located at remote locations are not acceptable."

"Make sure that your page is created at your actual, real-world location."

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