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Yep, here are some screenshots. So cool.

Upper Canada Mall - Live.jpg Screenshot_20161122-120631.jpg Screenshot_20161122-120737.jpg

Upper Canada Mall - Live.jpg


Thanks Colan!

I noticed it a couple days ago when I was shopping for a groomer for my puppy.

"showing customers how busy a location is right now."

To see how well it works we can just check ToysRus or Walmart on Black Friday. ;)
FYI I think this is global. Seeing it here in Australia and often we're the last to see roll-outs.
Still must be semi-beta as they provide a feedback link so viewers can report whether the live info is wonky or good.

Here's one where the live data shows a significant difference to the standard traffic pattern

<a href=""><img class="embeddedObject" src="" width="389" height="641" border="0" /></a>
Good to know. Thanks Margaret!
Hi Josh
Yes, the answer is there in your quote. Opted in to G location history.
That's avail on android, iphone, ipad AFAIK.

It's not going to be counting every person in the location. Given the penetration of those devices in the market, it's very likely representing a majority of people a majority of the time.
The morning of BF I sent a screenshot of the live popular times to our Directory of Advertising. I soon had a knock on my door from one of the Executives asking for me to screenshot our stores and competitors stores every hour... they were really excited about it.

Sharing is often an error in judgement.

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