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Nov 28, 2018
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I'm not sure if I've spotted a bug, so would really welcome a second opinion.

A user is trying to claim a verified business listing, but can't get past first base.

Here's the thread to the GMB support forum for context.

In his last reply he's provided a super useful video showing the issue.

I'm not sure what's going on here, the listing appears on the SERPs, but it seems to be hidden in someway?

Thoughts welcomed!

Best wishes and thanks,
@nathangdavidson, my understanding is that the gent was prompted to create a new GMB page, rather than a new account. In any event, it appears the issue is the business is a hidden-address SAB.

It sounds like that GMB page is still claimed by at least one person, so the first thing I'd suggest is to determine conclusively whether other people are admins. If you can access the page through one of those users, you'll be all set.

If that's a no-go, the owner needs to work with GMB support to claw back in. (That may not have been necessary if it was an unclaimed page, but it's claimed and he locked himself out, which is a different matter.) In theory he could follow the "Own this business?" prompt and create a new GMB page and later request that Google merge that page with the existing one, but that's probably unnecessary mess, and you'd still need to deal with GMB support.
it is the normal procedure for claiming a service area business, after you click "Own this business", you need to go through the "create new business" workflow

Once verified, 2 things can happen:

- both listings will be merged

- or if it is verified you'll see an "Owner conflict" dialogue indicating that the location is a duplicate, you will find "Click Request access"

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