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Aug 8, 2022
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I am having trouble with my Review QR code. I copied the GBP Review url from our GBP dashboard. When I tested the link in a separate tab, it works perfectly. It take me to our review page. I built our QR code in QR Code Monkey using the same link. When I tested the QR code, it only takes me to our GBP home page. Any idea how to fix this? I want the qr code to take our customer to the review page.

Sherry Handzel
Three thoughts:
  • Obvious, but necessary to check. You used the url with /review at the end, right? The url for "sharing your profile" goes[nonsense_slug]. But the review url is[nonsense_slug]/review.
    • Also necessary to check: the /review url only works if you're actually logged in with whatever browser or app actually opens it (e.g. if it opens in your cellphone web browser instead of Google Maps). If you're not logged in, it goes to the GBP main page.
  • Could the QR generator be somehow stripping parts of the URL? (the base review url once had a tracking parameters appended at the end, maybe the qr code strips too much?)
  • Have you tested different QR variants? Maybe the code generated is hard to read and somehow renders an incorrect url? (this seems to be unlikely, but I'm not very knowledgeable about QR code technology)
Thanks for your thoughts.
I definitely used the review URL. I tested the short code produced by Google and it worked perfect on my computer. The link took me directly to a blank review page. That is what I want. However, the same link on my iPhone directed me to our homepage on Google Business Profile.
Safari is iPhones default browser and the Google short link would not work properly in Safari. So, I changed the phone browser to Chrome and it works perfectly fine. It worked in Chrome when scanning the QR code as well as using the short link.
The big picture is to use this QR code at the bottom of our register receipt but it doesn’t work with iPhone ‘s Safari browser.
Any additional thoughts?
Here is the short code produced by Google:

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