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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi Guys,

Looking for some advice on improving the visibility of my Google Local Page for non-brand local keyword terms.

I want my listing to rank for local keyword terms “sydney cars” “cars in sydney” and related terms. I know reviews play a key role and citations. We have created many citations in multiple different directories (yelp, truelocal, etc) but still have not yet seen results. In this case should I be building links to the actual website BMW Sydney with various anchor text around “sydney cars” “cars in sydney” "luxury cars" and continue building authority to this website.


Is there anything further I can do to it’s Google Plus Profile to improve its local visibility for these keywords? (Besides Reviews)

Google Plus Profile Is Here:

Any advice would be highly appreciated.



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Hey Matt,

I think you hit on all the top ranking factors above except the most important one.

Onsite SEO. Organic ranking factors rule the top of the 7 pack and the site is not well optimized for any of your other keywords. The home title tag is only your name for example. And I realize your name is also your main keyword but you could also add new and used cars to the title tag. Additionally your main KWs need to be in all the right SEO places on the page.

Looking for some advice on improving the visibility of my Google Local Page for non-brand local keyword terms.

Your site is only optimized for brand, not for the other KWs so that's why you don't rank for them.

The word CAR is nowhere on the home page. NOT ONCE!
No mention of new car, used car, luxury cars - NADA!
Also Sydney is not even on home page.

So that's a big part of the problem.

Need H1 and H3 toward top and image alt with your main KWs.

I'd do a KW rich overview paragraph toward bottom of home - but written for users. Your local Sydney source for new and used cars featuring BMW model 1, 2, 3. Located conveniently in the XYZ part of Sydney. (Thats too short and too keywordy, but just giving idea.)

For example, look at these sites that rank high for Sydney New Car dealer

Not saying their SEO is ideal but they have new cars and used cars in title tags, in menu and have big overview paragraphs with their KWs and city.

I'd work on the on-site SEO before I would work on backlinks. Easier and safer.

Does this make sense?

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