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Dec 29, 2012
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So my Places account was recently suspended most likely for a category violation. (I am a locksmith, and I had put "car keys" as a category).

I'm re-listing with a new account. I really want to do this perfectly right this time. I have two other issues that I'm not 100% sure about:

1. Suite # on Line 2 of address.

I had previously had this just tacked on to the end of line 1. Not sure if this had anything to do with the suspension but I'm following the guidelines to the letter this time, so I put it in line 2.

My question now is: Will this affect matching the address with existing NAP citations that I have in the old (all on one line) format? Should this even matter since my address is HIDDEN? Will it matter even if it's not supposed to? I don't think there's always an address line 2 available in citations.

I'm thinking the best thing to do is to just not include the suite # in citations. That way line 1 would always match up?

2. Google Voice number as main phone number.

From the quality guidelines:
"Do not provide phone numbers or URLs that redirect or ?refer? users to landing pages or phone numbers other than those of the actual business"

I had previously had a G Voice # as main phone number(local area code) and routed it to my cell number (which is from another area code). From what I've read using G Voice might be questionable. I've now changed my cell number to a local area code. Does it make any difference where the G Voice number is routed? I've considered my GVoice # to be my business # from the start. It's on all my business card, my service van, etc...

Would it be ok to keep the GV # as main number now that it redirects to a local number? Or would it be advisable to put my new local number as the main number and have the GV# as alternate?

Or does any of this even matter?

Not sure but I can't afford to lose the listing again, so I've got to be cautious.
Hi John,

I could be wrong here, but IMO, I think you are over-thinking this a little too much given the fact that you have had your places account suspended due to guideline violations. I would simply focus on giving Google the most accurate information about your business, while following the guidelines and not worry so much about some of the details that at the end of the day is based on giving Google what you think she wants, as opposed to feeding her what would deliver the best user experience.

With that said, your questions are very good ones, and those kinds of questions are what this forum is all about, so I hope someone else chimes in to answer them :)
John I always think it's important to follow the guidelines, but if you've already been suspended and are in an industry under heavy scrutiny, I say you MUST to a T.

1) Suite on line 2 IS in the guidelines now so you need to do it, no ifs ands or buts. IMO. Yes it's newer and yes many had it on line one and no I don't think they would suspend because of that. BUT you are setting up new. And it's in the NEW version of guidelines. Don't worry about citations too much. They should still match up whether line 1 or 2 on citation sources.

2) IF you had a long term local land line and just wanted to switch to GV I'd say no. I generally recommend not using G voice BUT if that's the number I see listed on your site, you have tons of citations for it, so it's the number you've been using consistently, then it should be fine. Don't think it matters where it's routed.

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