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Jan 5, 2016
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Hi, this is my first time posting and I am in desperate need of some guidance. We have worked tirelessly to get reviews for our business. We have had reviews trickling in over the past few years.

The nature of our business is in student travel, with groups of students visiting for a month at at time. We usually ask for students to review and get 4-5 reviews from 50 students. In our last group we received a lot more, I'm guessing 20-25 at once from one IP, which was on University of Washington network.

Google allowed 3 of the reviews to go through before shutting it off, that is disappointing but understandable. The much bigger issue is that our aggregate rating no longer shows in SERP, only in maps or local places search.

After reviewing this forum, I realize the epic mistakes we have made but we have provided very high quality services for these organic reviews and now we are losing out so much of the benefit.

Can anyone have any insight into whether the aggregate rating will ever re-appear on the SERP. If so, potentially in how long? Are there any steps I can take to remedy the situation?

Thank You!

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I'm not sure how helpful they would be, but if you haven't I might call phone support and explain the situation. This isn't a situation I've personally had to work through, but I'm sure others have.
I have tried several searches, and I’ve looked for businesses that have an aggregate star ratings. It looks the same as your problem. I am guessing Google updated how they want to show the info on that area of SERP's. That is why you can't view the star rating unless you click the "View All Google Reviews" link.

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