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May 20, 2013
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Hi is there anyway to report problems with actual map results when searching for geotaragted searches.

For example let say you looked up the keyword term lens crafters in new york city.

Your store in new york city does not show up on the map (on google search results, it only shows when we click too see results on a map).

However your other stores, not located in new york city are showing up on the map instead for the keyword term lens crafters in new york city eventhough they are not located in new york city.

So then people think you have no stores in new york city and need to travel to stores outside the area to visit a lens crafter store.

I'm having a problem like this.

Its quite annoying. Surely there is a way to get Google to manually look and fix problems like this. It hurts customers and businesses. And its clearly a error with the algorithm.

We have looked at improving other things aswell like - reviews, increasing citations, NAP consistency, etc but no movements.

Any suggestions?
Hi Laura,

Unfortunately Google won't help with or give you a way to report ranking problems.

There is a very good chance it's not the algo and it's something with that listing, the NAP on that listing or even a possible partial merge or something. It's impossible to say without seeing the listing and knowing the KW.

If you care to share the URL and KW I'll move this down to the help section and we can take a look for you.

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