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Jun 1, 2015
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Review replies disappeared for huge part of the businesses I manage this weekend. They are no longer showing in both GMB dashboard and the live Google pages.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue? I raised this with Google Support and now I am waiting to hear from them as well.

Thank you,
I checked with our team and we haven't seen any disappear.
Hi Joy,

To be honest, I am surprised that you haven't noticed any missing replies on your end, since the issue is quite significant for the businesses I manage. For example, 676 review replies vanished from ConradBengaluru - Google Search.

We received reply from Google Support that they will restore the missing review replies for a particular business in the next 24-48 hours. However, they did not specify reason or any insights on their disappearance.

I really hope someone could share any insights and recommendations on how to deal with this going forward, as it would be quite hard to work individually with Google Support on resolving over hundred cases.

Best Regards,
I followed the link in your post above, and I can see the review replies for the first few reviews that I checked. Perhaps this is fixed now?

There's a new wave with disappeared review replies - more than 1000 are missing for some of my businesses.

I am in communication with GS, but haven't received any helpful explanation or support yet.
Yes, I'm seeing more and more reports of this over the last 24 hours. We'll be posting an article about it this morning.
I came here for this very reason and found this thread (thanks forum search). I have noticed this happened to our GMB. I reply to every review almost within a few hours (minus when I sleep) but two days ago I noticed a bunch of replies has vanished. Not seeing a pattern on which ones have vanished. The missing replies seem random and go back as far as "12 weeks ago" -- 46 in total.

I am hesitant to start re-replying to them in hopes they come back. Plus, a lot of the replies I post are long!

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