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Jun 4, 2019
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I own and run a destination management company in the Dominican Republic ( and am currently doing some long overdue updating to our site.

I have been learning about the benefits of featuring schema code on websites. Given that we have different offices in the main tourist destinations around the country, I would like to apply different LocalBusiness locations to different pages. The problem I have is that my webhost, whilst allowing me to edit the header field in HTML, any header editing that I make automatically gets applied to every page on the site.

So, I had the idea of inserting the schema code into the HTML of the body area of each individual page. As a test, I inserted schema code into an otherwise unpopulated page on another domain of mine which is under construction: | Otros documentos dominicanos. Lo and behold, when I tested the page on the Google Structed Data Testing Tool, the tool found the schema code and gave me no error messages.

Does this mean that I can go ahead and apply the code to my remaining pages, and that it will be as successful as if I'd inserted the code into the header?

I'd be very grateful for your comments.

Rich, many thanks, somehow you saw my question round about the same time that I deleted it because I'd read up quite a bit on schema and saw that it can be used anywhere on the page.

Very grateful for your confirmation, though. Steve

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