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Jun 28, 2012
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You guys know how much Google is re-writing title tags now right?

Does anyone know of any free tool or any of the SEO toolbars that shows the actual REAL website title tag in the SERPs?

I want to be able to Google City + KW and see the actual and COMPLETE title tag of each site without having to click through. Just see them all on the page.

Any tips or ideas?
Hi Linda! I've been playing with NerdyData - A Search Engine for Source Code lately. It won't give you the titles based on serps, but I've found it helpful in sizing up title tags for new (keyword,geo) keywords. Let me know if you find something better though!

I also like it if I want to spy on those who have been careless and left their meta keywords out in the open. ;)

edit: this won't work for low volume keywords I've learned, sadly. Perhaps it will grow more useful as their index increases.
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Thanks Drew. Looks interesting, I'm looking forward to check it out when I can.

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