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Jun 28, 2012
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Here are some great posts from Bright Local who interviews local search consultants about their process for setting up new clients.

Local SEO Agency Q&A: Tips for getting started with new local customer | BrightLocal

6. Do you provide a client with a specific set of targets & timelines? Do clients ever question these targets and how do you handle their expectations?

I provide specific targets, typically page ranking for specific keywords but do not provide concrete timelines and instead provide estimations of when a client can begin to see movement and progress. Clients consistently question targets and progress, they are clients after all, but the questioning is more to ensure progress is being made. I find that education is a key component in my relationships with my clients. By better understanding the process and having full disclosure in the work being done on their behalf, clients tend to be far more receptive and understanding.

And here is another one...

SEO Agency Q&A: Starting a New Engagement - interview with Laura Betterly from Yada Yada Marketing | BrightLocal

4. What time frame do you plan for with a new client and why not longer/shorter?

I always sell SEO as a long term strategy. If they want traffic tomorrow, then they should buy AdWords. Each month we measure the improvement of the rankings and let them know right off the bat that until they are in positions 1, 2 or 3, they will see little to no traffic.

8. Do you structure your agreements with monthly payments, upfront payments or both?

One month up front and month to month after that. We let clients know that is will take at least 3-6 months for certain results so they know they have to be with us for a bit to see the best results.

I also set up agreements with them that we auto-bill them on their credit card or facsimile checks. It gives us predictable income and also cuts down on collection calls and bookkeeping costs.

Click to read the links above for some GREAT questions and informative answers!

Thanks BrightLocal!

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