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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi All,

Not sure if I have permission to share the client name, but I have a client that does "student housing rentals", and seems to show up fine organically, but, for the core query they don't really show up all in maps.

So, we might see them as the #4 listing organically, but, not in the local pack. Switching over to maps, they aren't on page 1 or 2. You can even drill down to their block, redo the search, and they are nowhere.

The category is correct, we haven't stuffed that, the category is the same as the category. The name of the business says "student housing" in it, which is the legal name. The competitor across the street is stuffing their name with keywords.

There are no apparent other businesses at their street address, though they are street address and then "3rd floor".

Trying to figure out why this is happening.
If there is a "competitor across the street," you may well be getting filtered. If you search on Google Maps, do you show up once you zoom in?

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