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Jan 17, 2013
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Hi there, I'm looking for some suggestions with a hot mess of Google Local (Places Dashboard version) entries I've inherited.

The business they are for offers themed bachelorette parties at selected hired venues in cities around the country, making it neither exactly a service area business, nor a fixed location business.

As well, it seems that in the past when locations have moved, a new page has been created (presumably by a different / new SEO team), rather than the old one updated. Some of the duplicate pages also have the geographic place name or keywords in the page name. Between all the location pages, they also use one of two call centre forwarding numbers. Best practice all round then... :cool:

So I need to remove / merge the duplicate / geographically named pages, and get these listings cleaned up as they are clearly hurting the business. Claiming, however, is proving troublesome, as postcard verification is the only method being offered - and of course this doesn't work, as the cards go to the hired venue address.

Here's a couple of the pages that need dealing with:
Gold Coast:

And two (good ones) that we have managed to secure:

I've scanned through previous forum entries, and I think staceymarie's post back in April (2013) offers perhaps the closest similar scenario - along with chrisauman's comment at the end of that post with the definition that this isn't a local business, which I wouldn't dispute is kind of applicable here. But if that's the case, what IS the best way to list a business such as this?

Many thanks!

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