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Sep 3, 2014
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For the record, today one of our client GMB locations was suspended for "quality issues". The only thing we've changed recently, other than publishing Posts and uploading new Photos, is that yesterday we changed the URL for that listing to a the company's home page, instead of the location page for that office (the client has five actual, legitimate locations with offices etc).

I just submitted the Reinstatement Request online form ( "it's in the Guide" copyright 2019 SterlingSky :) ) and we'll see how long it takes to get a response.

don't follow google's rules, get suspended.
follow google's rules, get suspended.

At least in Tim's case because he's following the rules, he shouldn't have to stress or worry about the possibility of it not being reinstated. I think that makes following the guidelines worthwhile, in my opinion.

Tim > Was there any other edits that were still pending when you changed the URL?
By the way, no response yet from Google.
I had a similar suspension on June 11th - the only thing I did was change the URL from http to https. My rant is on another thread, Problems With GMB Suspension Appeals - Local Search Forum. After multiple calls, responses to emails from support, sending a message on FB, reaching out on Twitter - still no resolution. It's been "escalated" and the "engineers" are super busy.

So, I guess it's fine if we're "following the rules" and will get reinstated eventually, however, it's hurting my client's business and he's thinking that I caused the problem.
Looking for some advice here in light of this thread and others on the uptick in suspensions. We have a new franchise client in the home services industry - with 175+ locations across 2 accounts with listings all over the map (verified, unverified, dups, a couple suspensions). They need alot of work, from NAP updates to url updates. Any thoughts on how to proceed without creating a wave of suspensions?
For those who are watching... still no response whatsoever.
Similarly, I had one that was suspended last week (client had their home address as their business address). No response (not even aknowledgement of receipt), so I put in a second request and they responded to that saying "we already have your request).

This is about 10 days old now. .. no response.
Still no response to our reinstatement request. Nor to the new, second, suspension that we have now received for another client's account.

However, we DID receive an email from Google, asking whether the first one will be open on July 4th.

Sigh. They are either incompetent or something else is going on that we don't know about yet.
The current wait time on most support requests is 2-3 weeks. I haven't seen it this bad in a long time.
We were supposed to hear back last Friday/Monday. It's the following week now and still nothing.
I was told by phone support today (45 min) on hold that my listing had been suspended due to my UTM tracking on one of my URLs. It has been around two weeks till we heard back on other issues
Is this just affecting agencies? Has anyone seen a suspension after a client made a change?
I was told by phone support today (45 min) on hold that my listing had been suspended due to my UTM tracking on one of my URLs. It has been around two weeks till we heard back on other issues

Hey Callum,

Did they give you any specifics? Was it just due to the fact that UTM parameters were being used or was it how they were setup?

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