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Aug 21, 2017
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Hey community!

I know that, from a few posts I've read, having a listing affected by the recent wave of suspensions has generally NOT resulted in any ranking drop.

However, we have a client who was recently reinstated and does not seem to display when searching for their exact business name.

These are what the insights look like... The listing has been reinstated for about a week.

Was it simple reinstatement, or did they tell you to create a new listing and then merge? I see this advice all the time and it leads to losing ranking.
In addition to Ben's question can you clarify the industry and if it's a listing with an address showing or hidden?
Hey all,

It's a 'Wheel Store' (they specialize in Rims) with a hidden address (the client provides the service to customers).

It was a simple reinstatement - Google has never really told us to merge two listings unless we are TRYING to get listings merged, or if we are trying to gain access to a service area business.

Does it have the same CID or PlaceID?
My running theory is that Google created a new listing instead of reinstating the old one. That could explain a ranking drop.
Yup, I concur with Joy, the only way a ranking drop usually occurs is when they make a new one, which you can only tell by having a previous CID/PlaceID to compare to.

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