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Mar 28, 2018
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I have had it. Most of my clients are SABs and home service providers. Most of my clients are getting suspended GBPs, whether they're brand new and getting suspended within seconds of entering the code, or 5+ years old with no changes and getting suspended in a random sweep. I am aware these are "high-risk" business types. But there should be some way to get through to someone, anyone, who can help at Google, and there isn't!

No amount of documentation seems to help in the appeal. I try the help form after the appeal is inevitably rejected, and am told to reply to the initial ticket, but that ticket sent me a link to the help center to contact an expert. I reply to the new ticket and say I've already done that, they stopped replying, told me to come here so here I am, and half the time they copy/paste the exact same initial rejection response or ignore me. So I am being run in circles!

We set these profiles up correctly, no address showing, no excessively large service area, no FuNkY TyPiNg or extraneous punctuation in the details, normal business hours filled in... I've been setting these up for over 5 years, I know how to do it. I re-read the guidelines practically every week to see if anything has changed.

Getting yelled at by clients due to a problem that is out of my hands is starting to take its toll on me. I am literally at the point where I dread logging on every morning. It's not one specific profile, it's like... ALL of them. And whether the client has it already set up, I set it up for them in a specific account of their choosing or our agency account, it's the same result 99% of the time, and I can't take it anymore.
I empathize with you Sarah. I fear that until some alternative disrupts Google's near monopoly on Maps they have no motivation to provide better service.

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