Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
I was asked to participate in a Local SEO quiz but had to decline due to time constraints.

Here is the quiz with answers from some experts you know...

Andrew Shotland, David Mihm, Darren Shaw and Phil Rozek

SEO Quiz: Questions & Answers From Top SEO Experts

There are fun/easy questions like:

1. What Does NAP mean?

A. Not A Problem ;)

B. Business Name, Address and Phone Number

C. Business Number, Availability and Products

But there are some tougher ones. I have to admit I got one wrong. But I didn't have time to get all the way through it, so no I don't have a final score. :p


Mar 10, 2014
Very fun quiz:)

However, one thing caught my attention a bit:

The answer to the second question: "Approximately what percentage of all Google searches contain "Local Intent"" is based on a suggestion made by David Mihm in 2012. I wouldn't argue with this statement, if it only was more recent. Things are really changing fast and as he has said that " mobile search has quadrupled since 2010", so if we agree that the trend remains, then the searches with local intent actually show continuous steady growth up till the current day - 2 years later.

If we look at the recent survey on local search, conducted by Google, we could see that the percentage might have grown considerably (just look at the prominence of the local searches slide).

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