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Aug 29, 2013
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Hi there

Apologies if this has already been gone over to death, but I'm a novice and just really confused why the new G+ page (or whatever the h*ll it's called now!) is basically blank, with no info, reviews etc etc.

Leaving everything else aside, like keeping up with the changes and trying to understand what we are supposed to be doing with our G+ business page is a full time occupation, I need to know basically is it still worth linking to our G+ page from our website? I mean it's just an ugly blank page now with no information whatsoever!
Re: The new G+ businness page format

i am not a seo, but i want to know how to let G+greatly help my website?

i am engaged in rfid solution, mainly in rfid card reader and thermal printer, (wholesale) here is my website, {link removed}

i have recruit my colleague to promote it , but not effective.

Looking for help.
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Re: The new G+ businness page format

G+ is not really a way to help businesses greatly in my opinion. Unless you have a lot of customers that use G+ you probably won't see much traffic from posts that you do there.
how to make it effective?

i upload one video about company profile and product rfid reader manufacturing several month ago.

but very low traffic.

how to improve it?

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