Oct 9, 2019
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Hi all,

I was hoping to see if anyone else has been seeing changes in the local pack over the past week?

My team and I have been seeing tons of new businesses, that were not in the local pack before, all ranking ahead of others. And the only thing they have in common is a high level of reviews.

Keyword stuffers are still ranking up there as well, but the newcomers with high reviews don't even have their main category as the most relevant to the search. (Ex: Website Designers are ranking for SEO terms above all other Internet Marketing Providers/Marketing Agencies that used to rank)

I know Google released another product reviews update on Dec 1, but in the past, I don't believe it was ever noted to impact local as well.

Curious on everyone's thoughts!


Feb 13, 2015
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Hey @Rob, May I know which tool did you use to analyse to get this report? Thank you

GMB report from

Hey All! I am seeing some major shifts for some businesses that got destroyed with this update (rankings are back closer to what they were before). Is anyone else seeing this?

Yes. My HVAC client is not only back but made some substantial gains on some major terms in his city of origin. He is in #1 position, which in five years I've managed his business profile the company in that #1 spot has never moved. Out of 40+ other terms I monitor over various service areas he's back in the top 3. The farther service areas, however, he has not come back. Not that I really expect to rank at the farther distance areas in the local pack.

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