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Feb 22, 2022
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Hi all,

I would like to ask... we have a site with multiple locations within the one domain, e.g.;

Main Domain - Location 1
/sub2/ - Location 2
/sub3/ - Location 3
/sub4/ - Location 4

We aim to introduce schema for the business..

- Would you introduce sitewide schema for the business on all of the location pages or just the homepage?

I hope that due to the distance of the locations, north, south & west for example - it will help Google differentiate some of the product offerings which are similar, but served in different locations.

At the moment, we had issues of products not being found in Location 3...

You can create a single local business schema with info on all locations and add it to the Homepage. Then, you can create simple local business markup for each location to add to the location pages separately. Here is a great resource on how to create and organize multi-location schema. It goes into detail on creating the single schema with business info for multiple locations, as well as a simple markup for each page.

Personally, I wouldn't spend too much time on it as there is little benefit to adding detailed local business schema to the site, but if you did want to spend the time this is how you can.

At the moment, we had issues of products not being found in Location 3...

What do you mean by this? Are you also trying to add product schema to the site? In this case, you should add that to the product page itself and explain in the page content the product is only available at a specific location, with a link to that location page.
Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated!

With the one site advertising five different locations, the 'The Vicinity Algorithm', users in different locations should be seeing the products or services in that location but sometimes we are seeing our core offering - I will be seeing if the addition of the local business schema will also support organic SEO results.

I hope that makes sense.
I think you should focus effort on writing content for the site about each location and the products you have at them. Also, on each location GMB profile fill out the product section (if available) with products available at those locations only.

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