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Sep 4, 2019
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We do marketing for our own home service company along with others.

few things we’ve noticed recently we thought was worthy of sharing.
  • spruce is dominating in search and the content is really good. It’s a blogging/content site but I haven’t don’t enough research to figure out how they make money outside of ads.
  • sites like Homeadvisor jumped back into the top spot on a lot of local searches. They had fallen and about 4-6 months ago they and other big brands got a big jump.
  • I’m questioning this but domains names with keywords are getting a huge boost. I know I know but this is what we’re seeing.
  • GMB went on a streak helping us remove about 25 local spam accounts directly for garage door searches. However, that’s stopped and we still have many more. Seems as though if the spam account creates one post and some pics with 1 or more reviews they will not remove them. I’ve submitted on maps and used the form with a video and photos. As i mentioned previously one is a Brusters ice cream. Super obvious right? Well I guess not for google.
We’re about to roll out a new website with a table of contents in the side bar. Pretty excited about watching the results and how it’s treated. It’s pretty slick though. All tagged to the H tags and auto scrolls to the section you want when you click on it.

Any feedback, thoughts, additions appreciated.
There have been longer delays on the Redressal Form submissions lately, probably due to the holidays. Depending on when you submitted the spam reports, they may not have been looked at yet.

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