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Oct 15, 2012
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Hi Linda,

Can you please let us know what are the exact steps which must be followed in order to submit multiple locations to Google Maps via geositemap.xml ?

How can we verify all the addresses from the KML file ?

Thanks for the answer,

Hi Sergiu,

Google no longer recognises the geositemap.xml files.

So you just need the location.KML file and an update in the XML sitemap (sitemap.xml) to advise the search engines of the location of the KML file.

I hope this helps :)
Thanks for the answer. Is there a way to verify those addresses all at once via just one Google mail?
I'm not sure I understand your question?

The XML and KML files are placed on the route directory of the website.

I test the location information held within the KML file using Google Maps.

I check that the XML sitemap has been processed correctly using webmaster tools.
Once I submit the KMLs to Google, the crawlers will index my locations. On Google Maps, for the new locations to be accepted, the physical addresses must be verified by Google by sending a PIN in an envelope. My question is, what will happen with the submitted addresses from the KMLs if they are not verifies yet ? Is there a way to verify them all at once?

Ok a couple of things to start out...

Firstly KML files are OPTIONAL and are held on the website.

KML files are not verified by Google

You do not need a Website, and therefore a KML file in order to have a Google Places account and Local Page

Simply create your Local Page using Google Places. It is this Google Places Local Page that requires verification.

I hope this clarifies things for you
I see, but what will happen with the addresses in the KMLs , will they be indexed and displayed to the users by Google Maps ?
The addresses in the KML is supplied to provide additional relevance to Google regarding the location of the business. It's normally thought of as an advanced optimisation technique.

Can you tell me what it is you are trying to achieve, as from you questions I sus pect we may be talking at cross purposes? :confused:
My question is:

If I will add my business address only to KML but not to myplaces or google local, will Google index my website in order to display on users searches as a Maps result?
Google does create Local Pages for legitimate businesses that it 'finds' on the internet.

Therefore the business must satisfy Google's Algorithm that it is a genuine business.

The existence of a KML file alone will not satisfy Google in my opinion.

The quality of citations and the website will have a larger impact on Google.
Actually that's not true. I submit geositemaps all the time. You just have to take out the geo tags within the file. It is the geo tag that Google no longer supports. If you take those out and then resave the file and submit it you'll be golden.

Travis Van Slooten

Hi Sergiu,

Google no longer recognises the geositemap.xml files.
I have also submitted successfully geomap.xml but it is built the same as a normal sitemap.xml, only it is containing KMLs files links

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