Sep 5, 2012
I have a verified business listing but when I go into the dashboard there is no associated Google+ Local Page with the listing.

Do you know what can couse this or whats the fix?

Sutherland-Shire-Web-Design---Local-SEO---Business-Info.jpg Sutherland Shire Web Design   Local SEO   Dashboard.jpg

Sutherland Shire Web Design   Local SEO   Dashboard.jpg


Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
FYI just so you know, there really is no longer a Google+ Local Page.

Think of your business info just being in Google's database. Then based on the situation Google will arrange and display that data in the 3 pack of search, or the knowledge panel, or the local finder or on your G maps listing. So those are the places your reviews and data from your dashboard can show up.

If you create a separate G+ page, it is just that - a separate social page - no reviews. That page won't rank, show up in search or maps and no one will see it unless you give them the link because you are actively posting and want them to be able to connect with you on social.

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