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Mar 29, 2022
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I know of at least one Google vertical/service that is literally impossible to search for: "Electric vehicle charging station contractor". I have found it utterly impossible to rank electricians for keywords related to this because even using the exact Google category name I can only ever get charging stations!

A French keyword, "Peinture au fusil"/"peinture au pistolet" (i.e. spray painting) used to give us trouble because Google would systematically reinterpret it as "pistolet à peinture" (spray painting gun). That is, instead of a search for a service, it became a search for equipment and would be systematically overwhelmed with home hardware stores. This one was recently fixed in the latest core update, in a fashion: they just killed the 3-pack entirely for those keywords...

Do you have other examples or horror stories of Google trying to be smart and making the keyword completely unusable in the process?
Yup. Google misinterpreted "wrongful death attorney" as "wrongful termination attorney" and started showing our GBP for wrongful (employment) termination queries, whereas we advertised wrongful death. Google can get itself in big trouble by relying too much on synonyms.

google ad bogus wrongful termination search result.jpg

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