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Aug 23, 2014
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Ben Fisher just reported this. This will save a lot of headaches for figuring out which Google accounts are managers on the listing already!

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Awesome news Joy. Save a few headaches is right!
I noticed this the day I transitioned to the Agency account, and I said to myself "this alone was worth all that hassle". Oh well! :rolleyes:
Haha! I feel your pain. I was in SUCH a bad mood the day I migrated. They're working on a tool to make it easier so I'm on the list to move all my employees over with that instead.
Hi there, Could anyone elaborate on this? I recently started delving more into GMB, and wondering if there's a way to find more than a partial match email for the owner.
Thank you much!
Wow, that's cool! Let me see if I understand this correctly. Are you able to view this for ANY GMB listings, even those that you don't control? Is this a way to report spam, and/or see who's spamming your client's listings with inaccurate edits? Kind of like transparency from back in the day with MapMaker - - where it indicated WHO made the edits?
@Steph H - Sorry - the original image I posted was broken. I just fixed it and it should show the entire email, not just a partial email.

@MeganR there is no way to see who made the edits but if you get malicious edits on your listing you can contact GMB and tell them about it and ask them to blacklist the user.
@JoyHawkins Thank you. Just one more question. Does this allow you to see the email address of who controls any GMB listing, even those listings that aren't in your dashboard? I'm just thinking of benefit for tracking spam rings for clients who are losing traction in rankings to a bunch of spammy competitors. Although they probably use hundreds of emails anyway....after all, they ARE spammers. :)
@MeganR you can only see this in the Google My Business dashboard so it's not possible to see it on a listing you don't manage.

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