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Aug 8, 2012
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I'm curious - when you see a places listing with the blue flag, does that mean it was created in mymaps?
Hi Shonda,

I moved this to it's own thread as it's a great question and I don't want it to get lost in the other thread.

I believe it's blue when it's a type of sponsored ad.

Can you post a screen shot of what you are referring to?

Would love to hear from others, though.
Yes normally it's Adwords or Adwords Express but agree it's one of those things we need to see to be sure.
I was referring to Marie's comment in another thread "Similarly 47 Google maps were made and tagged, all via a different gmail address. Here is an example:
Bayside Resort Hotel - Google Maps" all of those have the blue marker so I was confused as I also thought the blue marker meant adwords/express.
Oh good point, they are all blue.

BUT I don't believe any of those MyMaps would ever show up in search or regulars maps and most would never see them without a direct link to the MyMap.

So here's a search for hotel + the street many of those blue markers are on. Only red pins show, none of those blue MyMap markers do.

So normally when you do a regular search or are cruising a regular map, the blue markers will be paid.

I'm 99% sure those are MyMaps results of some sort. How you got to them I'm not exactly sure of. But when I type "Bayside Resort Hotel" into the Maps search bar, I get the Google+Local result for Bayside Resort Hotel.

Those definitely are not AdWords Express ads, though. That I can say with certainty.
You can find them in Google search results.

For example:


and clicking on blue marker #1 gives you this:


Note the small grey word "Ad" in the upper right corner of the details.


Ha Ha, we know what you were Googling today David! :)
Good luck with the move!
LOL. Yep! Move is set for April 20th. Hope my ankle and foot are healed by then. :eek:

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