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Oct 10, 2012
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I have a client who had already claimed his listing. I did some work on it, optimizing it with more pictures geotagged and stuff, video, all the stuff I've read around here and other places online.

Anyway, when I was done, all the pictures disappeared when he shows up in the search results. How long does it typically take for them to show back up?
Hi Sodomojo,
There has been some bugginess in Google+ regarding images since day 1.

The most recent major post I saw on this was Mike Blumenthals:

New Bug Hits G+ Local Local Search

That was towards the end of September, but the bug was supposed to have been fixed as of 9/22.

Initially, when + was rolled out, the talk was that it could take weeks for photos to appear, but I believe this has speeded up some. How long ago did you add the photos to the page and when did they disappear?
Ya can't believe it's been going on this long but I announced the prob here back in July. Google Places Image Uploads Delayed

I'm not aware of it being fixed and even now Jade tells folks it can take about a month for new images to update.

Here's a good thread from Google to check when things seem odd or delayed. Turnaround times for edits to Google Places listings I'm pretty anal about asking Jade to update it, whenever the edit pipeline changes, which it does quite ofter. But alas, images still take about a month.

Jade has been telling people in the Google forum that if you need images sooner you can do a user edit image upload right from the G+L page and they'll show up in a couple days. (I would not do it from the client account though.)
Okay good to know about user edits. This particular one I did as the client and it has been about 2 weeks now. I also edited some other information on the page, and those changes aren't reflected yet either. Not sure why it is so slow.

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